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Here is where I put my faves!


  • Jag-Eun is one of the members of 2!K Power
  • Jag-Eun’s blood type is A
  • Jag-Eun was born on 6th July 1998
  • Jag-Eun is the youngest member
  • Jag-Eun knows basketball, football, Kung-fu and skateboarding
  • One of Jag-Eun's favorite singer is Greyson Chance
  • Jag-Eun said that he is very close with RapMonster from BTS
  • The most difficult thing for Jag-Eun is staying concentrated and math problems
  • Jag-Eun got his stage name himself because he was youngest member of the group (Of course, Jag-Eun stands for tiny)
  • Jag-Eun's hobby is skateboarding,spend some time with his partner and best friend Aejeong(Amanda), train and practice his songs
  • Jag-Eun is the clumsy one of 2!K power
  • Jag-Eun is the most disorganized of the group
  • Jag-Eun is diagnosed with ADD and discalculia (mathematical dyslexia) and is embarrassed of it
  • Aejeong said that Jag-Eun’s strength is learning languages, he's smart, he can be mature when he wants to and he's very nice when he's not a complete total asshole
  • He may have flaws, but Jag-Eun is like the gentle son -Aejeong
  • Jag-Eun's favourite food is pizza and general Tao
  • Jag-Eun's hobby after debut is going out to restaurants or cafés
  • A thing that Jag-Eun does sometimes everyday is drawing or watching the TV -Aejeong
  • Jag-Eun's favourite music genre are kpop, rock, heavy metal, pop rock and dubstep
  • Jag-Eun's favorite flavor is strawberry
  • Jag-Eun loves apples and strawberries
  • The song Jag-Eun sang for the Everysing Competition was Miracles in December by EXO
  • Jag-Eun wants to be organized and smart
  • Jag-Eun doesn’t like it if someone touches his neck because he's very sensitive on that area
  • According to Aejeong, he spends most of his time in his dorm room composing songs
  • Jag-Eun calls Aejeong "eomma" because he considers her as his second mother
  • His hometown is Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Jag-Eun likes to draw, do anything that involves music, dancing and going out
  • Jag-Eun's favourite colors are red, black, blue, purple and white
  • Jag-Eun is mostly in charge of the chores and also composing/writing songs in the dorm
  • Jag-Eun says that his idol crush in the girls' band is Shin Jimin from AoA and in the boys' band he likes Min Yoonji(Suga) from BTS and Xiumin from EXO
  • Jag-Eun likes to challenge others in video game battles
  • Jag-Eun's role is mostly to remind his partner Aejeong what has to be done, interviews to do, concerts to perform, places to go to and also about meetings
  • Jag-Eun speaks 9 languages fluently, which are English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Korean
  • Jag-Eun thinks that his best feature is his smile
  • Jag-Eun other nicknames are Chubb Cheeks and Gordito lindo given by Aejeong, because he has chubby cheeks 
  • Jag-Eun said that if he was in a fairy tale, he wants to be either a prince or a beast
  • Jag-Eun said he grew up more in a world of video games and Disney movies 
  • Jag-Eun has a snake phobia and driving phobia
  • When Jag-Eun went to school, he had more problems in math and anything that involved with numbers and calculations because he had a bad struggle with his dyslexia and was even embarrassed of his flaws and his condition. He wasn't the best student in math.
  • Jag-Eun is a talented dancer
  • Jag-Eun's position in 2!K Power is Rapper/Visual
  • Jag-Eun is a big animal lover
  • Jag-Eun would speak to animals as if they were people -Aejeong
  • Jag-Eun says he likes more cats 
  • Jag-Eun is usually anxious, short-tempered and complains when something bugs him or when he's very nervous about something
  • Jag-Eun's favorite season is spring because of the cold wind and because of the sight of the snow and grass and also of trees starting to have their leaves spread out 
  • Jag-Eun's personalities are caring, energetic, humoristic, prankster, cocky, affectionate and sensitive
  • Jag-Eun has some aegyo
  • Jag-Eun says that he would like anyone, no matter the gender, the orientation or looks, but he love the person mostly by their personality
  • Jag-Eun said he always dreamed of becoming a famous musician/singer when he was very young after listeing to some Mozart and Beethoven and also to Shakira and Avril Lavigne
  • Jag-Eun's motto: "Just follow your heart and don't let anyone push you down and keep going to the path you think is right for you."
  • Jag-Eun usually talks with Aejeong for consultation or whenever he felt bad or sad
  • Jag-Eun says his relationship with Aejeong is the type of mother and gay son
  • He has habits of moving around or fiddling with anything that is nearby to control his energy and tapping his fingers to create a beat or rhythm
  • Favorite items: Sketchbooks, pencils, drumsticks, shoes and headphones
  • His role models are Greyson Chance, Freddie Highmore and Robin Williams
  • Jag-Eun likes to tease his noona.
  • His charms are his smile, his aegyo and his wink
  • A super power Jag-Eun wishes he had would be frost power or control time
  • Jag-Eun's Ideal date: "For a date, I guess going to the movie theater then going to the park, if the person is an outdoor person or just going at a restaurant"
  • Ideal type of person: "Someone who is caring, affectionate, respectful, funny, smart and dorky and has good taste in music and fashion"
  • When Jag-Eun feels depressed or stressed, he listens to dubstep or kpop 
  • "I like to wear hoodies most of the time and beanies or anything casual or video game themed"
  • Favorite brand: Vans and H&M
  • Jag-Eun likes to give hugs or cuddle. He said that hugs always help to feel reassured and loved and that it brings out a good aura and it makes him feel better.
  • One word to sum up his opinion on life: Bullshit.
  • Favorite nicknames: Fluffy and Puppy
  • Body size: 163 cm, 68 kg
  • Specialty: Composing and writing music, voice impressions, low key notes and dancing
Im open to do any kind of rp!!Boy x girl rp, furry rp, etc etc talk to me in notes!
Hello everyone, Miles here!
So I'm still working on chapter 5 of the EXO fanfic and I'm also working on writing a second scenario and an EXO reaction fic. I'm also taking fanfic requests or reactions so tell me what you what me to write about! Either your OC x *insert random person* or you x *random person*. I might do smut idk but it might be cut off. Anyways thats all!!
Annyonghi kyesayo!Xiumin Emoticon 15 
Kuro Hitachiin 2.0 part 2
Here's another of newly updated Kuro. Idk whats wrong with me and him. Reunion is kinda weird and nostalgic. But I'M glad I get to draw him a lot. I've been doing this all day during my free time. I'll try my best to do other drawings besides him haha I could do him and updated Kikyo or something. I'm trying to get my old group back together.
Hope you like my hot son lol

Credits to: Milkie-Moo


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Hello, I'm Miles :)

I'm 18 and I'm trans* pansexy lol

I'm just a dude who oves art and music and loves to hang out. I do voice acting sing and I do sports too.

I guess there's not much to say about me hahah :")
I'm just a big time loser. Along with my best friend lol


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